How to improve your vegetable crop yields with trellising net a point of reference and comparison among the various methods available

Why we need a Trellis Net when growing vegetables professionally

Cucumber plants and trellis netting
The lattice network is a good option because when installed vertically it provides support to the plants of chayote, cucumber and pumpkins.

Trellis net also knows as trellis netting is a plastic structure with square meshes that measure 25 x 25 cm or 10×10 inches, made out of high tensioned and bi-oriented polypropylene.  This plant support net is usually installed vertically and will provide the needed trellising system for cucurbits that like cucumbers or chayote squash that have tendrils as a way to climb vertically.  The net is fastened to posts driven into the ground every 2.5 to 4 meters (10-20 feet) and it can be installed with the use of an extra tensioning cable on the top of the posts, as this cable also acts as an end of the furrow anchor holding the whole line of netting upright. Video here

When Trellis Net is used in tomatoes, peppers or eggplants it is usually installed either horizontally as in flower tutoring (layed over the beds) or vertically as a double row or wall of netting, one on each side of the net so that the plant will grow its fruit loaded branches through the meshes and support.   It is important for the plant to be raised above the ground so that air can circulate among the leaves and dry up any humidity, as tis is the main cause for many plant diseases, especially fungal ones.

trellis net
The trellis net is also efficient to tomato plants, eggplants and peppers also that can be installed horizontally to train the flowers.

When deciding what kind of material to use for your plant tutoring and training needs, it is important to consider  how using agricultural support raffia will have serious negative consequences on plant health due to the fact that in order to install raffia as a tutoring system, one has to handle constantly the plants and this means  eventually transmitting phytopathogens mechanically as one goes through the furrows touching one plant and then the next.  This kind of mechanical transmission is due to the hands becoming disease vectors just like any white fly, so using a trellis net as a way to reduce the need for manual intervention on the plant itself guarantees to lower your agro-chemical costs and will help you to reach and achieve an organic crop.

trellis net
The advantage of the lattice network is that it can help you reduce costs in agrochemicals.

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