Trellis net helps to support plants and flowers to grow and thrive.

Grow with a trellis net for a gorgeous and generous yield of quality crop

Trellis net is simply something to use in the garden to aid in support of growing plants. The netting will help the plants grow upright and get support from as young as a seedling to vegetable bearing. Using trellis in vast gardens or small spaces as it helps protect the delicate vines. A trellis can also be used to help protect against rodents, insects ground rot and mould. When using the trellis, the plants do not touch the ground at all.

Trellis net
The network will help plants grow is what is most used in gardens.

Trellis encourages vertical frame growing, the right amount of sunlight and enough room for pollinators to work.

A trellis comes in nylon, steel, and plastic. There are a few main designs of trellis net:

  • Horizontal for holding the weight of the bigger plants
  • Vertical that encourages plant to remain upright
  • A-frame which suits small gardens and container plants
  • Arch trellis is suited for growing flowers or vines over footpaths

Installing trellis netting

Vertical trellis netting installed
The mesh can last six years if it manages to stay in optimal conditions also depends on the weather.

Setting up a trellis support net is easy and doesn’t require hard labor. If you are considering installing trellis against a fence, there are hooks you can use suitable for attaching the net too. You can freely place the hooks where you want so you can design the netting how you like. You are also able to attach the trellis net to PVC pipes and dig them into the ground for a free-standing trellis support net. When you are looking for the trellis net be sure to think about a few things like how long do you require the netting for? Is it temporary or permanent as some trellis netting lasts longer than others? Netting can last for around six years if kept in good shape; this will all depend on your weather conditions though.

The size of your trellis net

Make sure you have trellis netting that doesn’t go all the way down to the soil leave some room for the plant to grow and expand first. This also leaves room for plants that may be next to the trellis that doesn’t need the trellis to grow. 6-8 feet is a good size for trellis they can go higher, but this is the average amount that works well.

Why do we use trellis netting?

Trellis net has been around for a long time. It helps to support plants and flowers to grow and thrive. Some plants can’t stand by themselves especially as young seedlings. The net contributes to train the plants to grow in a direction you want them to. Trellis netting is suitable for such as cucumbers they are active climbers and tend to branch out in all directions. Trellis also helps to save space in a small garden if you’re using support netting you can still have room to plant other things with the vines taking over your yard and spreading everywhere. Plants have been known to thrive with the trellis support and grow more yield cycle after cycle.

Trellis plastic mesh in cucumber crops
Lattice nets are useful for cucumbers, they are not only climbers, they can also be extended in any direction.

Pigeon control

Bird droppings are very harmful to the garden. Their droppings are toxic to plants. Installing some pigeon control barriers can protect your plants and the soil around them from the havoc pigeons can cause. There are a few options for pigeon control:

  • Anti-roosting spikes, these are available at most garden centers. Install them where birds perch on your property. This will create an uncomfortable surface for the pigeon to perch on.
  • Mesh steel on your chimney will create an uncomfortable environment for pigeons to nest they tend to like roosting in chimneys. The netting will help to deter them away.
  • Install some strings that are weatherproof this will create a barrier where pigeons like to perch.
Birds are a nuisance and if a network is not placed on time it could worsen the problem.

Try not to encourage pigeons in your yard by feeding them. Installing some barriers will help to safeguard your garden. This goes for birds as well the winged creatures will eat your fruit and vegetables within a matter of minutes. Sometimes it will depend on what time of year it is to what crops you are growing as to whether the bird problem is minor or severe. Birds can be just a simple annoyance, but they can escalate to a serious problem causing complete devastation to your garden. Trellis netting is good for cucumbers. The cucumbers grow vertically and often require hardly any manual tutoring. Trellising nets work well with cucumbers as they have so many vines that grip on and are happy to climb. When using trellinet with cucumbers, the trellis netting will be robust enough to aid in support of the heaviest crops like cucumbers and tomatoes.

It’s easy just to weave the stems through the trellinet this will save you having to install large stakes then tying and staking every single plant individually. With cucumber trellis netting you can train the cucumber to climb where you need it to go. The aim with netting is to keep the plant’s natural ability to search and climb itself but in a confined space. We cause stress to the plants by manually training them and touching their steams and vines. Once the cucumber searches and finds the point of attachment it needs it will twist its tendrils gently to stay on the trellis netting. The plant will then continue growing naturally upwards, and new tendrils will shoot and repeat the whole process as it supports the cucumber plant vertically.

It doesn’t matter if you are using the trellis net for a vegetable plot, planting in a container or growing a crop of cucumbers trellis netting is the best option. Keeping the yield off the ground and offering good air circulation your plants will thrive away from the moist soil. Trellis mesh is the best practice to defend your plants against diseases. Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the increased color, better shape vegetables and more yield to flourish.

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